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Ellie: "Skirt's first outing!"

à Berlin, Germany

Apolonia: "Nice pink suit!"

à Berlin, Germany

Ellie: "Just in love with this jacket from Sandro! I love having new original outfits every month!"

à Berlin, Germany

Julie: "Perfect for a monochrome photoshoot at work! I could see the photographer had a lot of fun shooting this incredible jumpsuit"

à Bolzano, Italy

Ellie & Anna: "The perfect dresses for the Summer Party at our company!"

à Berlin, Germany

Tina Haase: "Perfect to attend my business meetings at the Copenhagen Fashion Week!"

à Berlin, Germany

Aline: "Thank you so lot Codressing for this extra bag in the parcel. I feel super good in this dress."

à Bournezeau, France

Sina Port: "Great concept to attend an event like the Festforyou festival organized by Vogue Germany and TikTok."

à Berlin, Germany

Magali: "Thanks Codressing for this beautiful dress"

à Berlin, Germany

Carolin Lauffenburger: "Thank you Codressing for giving me the chance to wear this beautiful ensemble!"

à Berlin, Germany

Ellie: "I feel like a princess."

à Berlin, Germany

Alexiane: "Thank you for these gorgeous dresses! We got a lot of attention, but thankfully we didn't steal the spotlight from the bride."

à Paris, France

Aline: "I got so much positive feedback about my outfit. It is crazy!"

à Bournezeau, France

Nolwenn: "After wearing it for a full day, my shoulders hurt a bit because this dress is quite heavy, but honestly, it fits very well. It's so pretty, and I've received a lot of compliments. Thank you for everything!"

à Treize-Septiers, France

Ellie: "I loved using codressing to find the perfect attire for my brother's graduation ceremony. The rental option was great since I could wear a beautiful dress without spending a lot of money on something I would probably have worn only once!"

à Berlin, Germany

Aline: "I am very satisfied with codressing's online rental service, which is very convenient for occasions like weddings or other important celebrations. I highly recommend it!"

à Nantes, France

Olga: "Perfect dress for a wedding!"

à Poland

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