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About codressing

how does it work?

September 23rd, 2019

Once upon a time...

Two young women with a passion for fashion met in berlin. one is french, the other is italian and both are concerned about their future. the fashion industry is nowadays the second most polluting one, just behind the oil industry, and we only wear 20% of the clothes we buy. codressing was born on this consideration.

we chose to reinvent fashion. we are codressing, the first collective fashion website where you can create your selection of clothes according to your daily mood.

today owning is not a necessity anymore, only the pleasure of having a new dress remains. you can rent our clothes and buy them only if you are really in love with them. also, you can rent out your own clothes! codressing is first of all a state of mind!

we are the #smartfashion movement, a community aiming at changing consumption habits for a more ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly approach to fashion. in 2020 this doesn't have to be a dream anymore. we want to drive the change!

Floriane & Silvia

How does it work?

3 ways to access the closet of your dreams...

Rent from us


Save money and the planet!

Get unlimited access to our exclusive selection.

create your own e-dressing and customize it according to your desires.

rent your items for the period you prefer.

Rent out your items

Earn money, save space in your wardrobe, and be eco-friendly!

Create your offer in 3 simple steps...

Determine the conditions: Rental period, price, cleaning, and delivery options.

Send your items easily using our reusable custom-made bag.

Get back your items or sell them, and make someone else happy.


Our conciergerie

Relax, we take care of everything!

Would you like to optimize your closet's space and earn money without worrying about anything?

Just send us your items or come over and drop them at our dressing-apartment.

Our Conciergerie will take care of everything for you, from the online offer to the delivery. Receive every month extra revenues thanks to the items you rented out.


Our eco-friendly packaging

Now available

Order now

Ship your items with our bags!

  • Custom-made ● reusable ● practical ● washable ● eco-friendly ● safe

To reduce its environmental footprint, codressing uses reusable bags when the items are rented without a purchase option. we keep a deposit of 20,00€, only if the bag is not returned within the next two weeks after the end of the rental period.

Our service

The selection of the items

quality is the basis of every decision we make. consequently, we do not accept and create an offer for every item we receive. damaged items or brands that don't meet our quality standards will not be approved.