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Deborah Courtoy

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Condition: Good
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- light

- Naked back 

- Asymmetrical

- large slit on the left leg 

- bi-material

- subtly sequined bust 

This garment was made of : 

      - 40% viscose

      - 60% muslin

Handmade in Belgium. Belongs to Deborah C.

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Rosenthaler Strasse, 40-41
Hackesche Höfe, Hof VII in Berlin
Monday - Friday: From 10:00 to 19:00
Saturday: From 10:00 to 18:30

Standard delivery to Germany and France

Don't worry, returns are free of charge!

Germany: from 3 to 5 work days
France: from 5 to 7 work days

Our care instructions for this sophisticated and delicate garment:

      Dry clean only. Do not wash.

Don't worry, we take care of the dry cleaning. It is included in our service.

Deborah Courtoy, the brand's eponymous designer, opened her first boutique in 2015 in the famous Louise Gallery in Brussels. The keywords of her brand are elegance, simplicity and timelessness. The idea is to celebrate femininity by following the famous "less is more" philosophy.

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