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Chunky necklace by Wald Berlin.

  • Size 42 cm

This necklace is made of:

  • 18 carat gold-plated brass

Handmade in Germany.

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Rosenthaler Strasse, 40-41
Hackesche Höfe, Hof VII in Berlin
Monday - Friday: From 10:00 to 19:00
Saturday: From 10:00 to 18:30

Standard delivery to Germany and France

Don't worry, returns are free of charge!

Germany: from 3 to 5 work days
France: from 5 to 7 work days

Our care instructions:

  Fragile necklace to handle with extreme care. 

  Protect it from water, perfume, or chemical products. 

In 2012, Joyce Binneboese and Dana Roski created WALD Berlin to empower women with jewelry made by a fair trade collective in Germany.

The manufacturing is done exclusively in Germany, which allows for a transparent production chain. All the used silver and gold are recycled.

The brand is now well-known across the German borders and worn by international celebrities like Marion Cotillard or Gigi Hadid.

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