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Throwback on our crowdfunding campaign!

Last september, 2nd we launched our first crowdfunding campaign on ulule. Com to collect 5. 000€ in less than 45 days. Our founder floriane comes back on this challenging and exciting experience.


The french tv channel m6 contacted us to offer us the possibility to organize a tv campaign.

The idea was to create a tv spot to promote codressing and broadcast it before its fashion programs. A great idea to get more visibility, and especially when christmas is in 3 months. The best period to rent a dress!

But there was an issue! It was over-budget for a small company like ours...

  • What to do?


    What to do?


    After discussing it and evaluating the pros and cons, we had the idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign on ulule. An opportunity to get this campaign partially financed by our early adopters and first ambassadors and communicate more about our service.

    We created the campaign right away, including a video pitch!

  • Time to pitch!


    How was it?

    Launching a crowdfunding campaign is not an easy exercise. It is never easy "to ask for money" and to convince people that your service is the best and they should invest in it! These 45 days were intense until the end, reminding everyday people how your project is cool by creating teasers, offering surprises, etc. Until the last day, we were still not sure to make it!

    Fortunately, in the end, we reached the amount of 5. 000€. And our project has been backed up by 85 contributors.

  • We did it!


    We will never forget these first 85 contributors that believed in us when we needed it the most to bring codressing to the next level!

    Thank you all

    Alaeddine Itaief ; Aleksandra Kujawa ; Alexandra Begue ; Alexandra Mathieu ; Alexis Cussonneau ; Aline Bolteau ; Amandine Beauregard ; Antonin Duchesne ; Aurélia Paumelle ; Aurélie Couraud ; Axel Drouet ; Baptiste Joyeux ; Bertrand Cussonneau ; Candice Coutanceau ; Candice Pinti ; Charlotte Fournier-Bidoz ; Ching Fen Lai ; Christelle Abline ; Christine Redois ; Christophe Cussonneau ; Claire Demandolx; Claire Rochereau ; Clémence Labrunie ; Clément Micou ; Clothilde Vandeplas ; David Lionnard ; Dolorès Bidet ; Dorian Baudouin ; Doriane Fradin ; Elisabeth Gibé ; Ellie Rhodes ; Elsa Douillard ; Fabien Cussonneau ; Franck Jemet ; Freddy Palussiere ; Frédéric Palussiere ; Frédérique Robin ; Gaël Pengame ; Gaëlle Bard ; Georgette Cussonneau ; Gérard Cussonneau ; Guillaume Prouillet ; Han-Chun Hsu ; Hevi Kaya ; Hong-Hanh Dinh ; Isabelle Jemet ; Jérôme Rochereau ; Joan Champin ; Justine Durand ; Justine Fromentin ; Justine Soulard ; Kévin Bouchereau ; Khadi Bodian ; Laura Rouyer ; Laurent Civel ; Lauren Vimeux ; Laurence Palussiere : Laurie Fradin ; Linda Richard ; Manuel Picker ; Marie Reintaux; Marie-Agnès Desfossé ; Marie-Anne Auvrai ; Marie-Christine Guérif ; Marie-Thérèse Hodé ; Marine Gonon ; Marine Rétif ; Marine Viaux ; Matteo Volpini ; Maud Le Bihan; Maxime De L’Espinay ; Mélissa Grd-Cussonneau; Michel Hodé ; Myriam Bellanger ; Nadine Cussonneau ; Nathalie Wolter ; Nguyenle Thanh Tu ; Noëlla Paquereau ; Noémie Chaudun ; Nolwenn Gibé ; Océane Guérif ; Olivier Bellanger ; Patrick Dequeiroz ; Pierre Bourhis; Pierre Chesné ; Pierre Palussiere ; Pietro Ballarin; Raphaël Guérif ; Sacha Cussonneau ; Sajad Kioumarsi ; Sandra Morel ; Sébastien Guérif ; Silvia Busin ; Solenn Cussonneau; Sonia Delaunay ; Stephan Thoennissen ; Sylvie Cussonneau ; Teddy Joyeux ; Thomas Guineheux ; Valentine Trillard ; Yoann Besnier.

  • Here is your spot!

  • Where?


    Rdv on before the following programs:

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