🇩🇪 HAMBURG l 06.05.2024

Total outfit for the 9:16 Awards

See Rasario Dress

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 19.04.2024

See Sézane Knitwear

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 27.01.2024

Thank you so much for taking the time with me to put together my costume pieces for my Countess role. It was a joy to work with you!

See Chanel Necklace

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 27.01.2024

Perfect for my film shoot for "8 Billion" (a mini series that will be out next year)!

See Courreges Coat

🇫🇷 PARIS l 15.01.2024

I tried the Classic Membership (3 items) for Christmas holidays. What a great deal! So many compliments from family & friends, and even at work!

See & Other Stories Dress

🇬🇧 MANCHESTER l 26.12.2023

Just obsessed!

See Tara Jarmon Skirt

🇬🇧 LONDON l 23.12.2023

Perfect dress for Christmas holidays!

🇫🇷 NANCY l 25.09.2023

Perfect dress for a baptism!

🇪🇸 IBIZA l 08.09.2023

Great matching set to go on holidays!

See Maje Top

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 27.08.2023

I love it! Thanks to the membership, I can rent work and party outfits for only 69€ a month.

See Paco Rabanne Top

🇫🇷 NANTES l 08.07.2023

Thank you! It was perfect!

See Alice+Olivia Dress

🇪🇸 MADRID l 05.07.2023

Gorgeous dress!

See New Arrivals Dress

🇬🇧 MANCHESTER l 05.06.2023

So many people asked me where I bought this beautiful dress... but I have rented it!

See Sundress Dress

🇫🇷 NANTES l 01.04.2023

As the Founder & CEO of Codressing, I have tested the service myself for a wedding! It was perfect. A total outfit for less than a 100€ instead of more than a 1000€! I have convinced him to rent his bow tie.

See Ganni Jacket

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 28.02.2023

Spotted at the Berlinale!

See The Row Dress

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 01.02.2023

As a TV host, this service is perfect! I can rent a top just for one day.

See Magda Butrym Bodysuit

🇩🇪 BERLIN I 19.01.2023

Skirt's first outing!

See Baum & Pferdgarten Skirt

🇩🇪 LEIPZIG I 08.11.2022

Just in love with this jacket from Sandro! I love having new original outfits every month!

See Sandro Jacket

🇮🇹 BOLZANO I 08.11.2022

Perfect for a monochrome photoshoot at work! I could see the photographer had a lot of fun shooting this incredible jumpsuit.

🇩🇪 BERLIN I 08.11.2022

Nice pink suit for a wedding in Italy!

See Pinko Suit

🇦🇹 VORARLBERG I 17.09.2022

See Coast Dress

🇩🇪 BERLIN I 03.09.2022

The perfect dresses for the Summer Party at our company!

See Ted Baker Dress

🇩🇪 BERLIN I 05.07.2022

Perfect outfit to join the Olympics National Games 2022 in Berlin as a Moderator!

🇩🇪 BERLIN I 05.06.2022

🇩🇰 COPENHAGEN I 06.06.2022

Perfect to attend my business meetings at the Copenhagen Fashion Week!

See Courrèges Coat

🇫🇷 BOURNEZEAU I 03.06.2022

Thank you so lot Codressing for the extra bag in the parcel. I felt super good in this dress!

See Ted Baker Dress

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 06.05.2022

I found the perfect outfit to be featured in Vogue Magazine!

See Petar Petrov Outfit

🇩🇪 BERLIN I 29.02.2022

The membership is a 10/10 for me!

See Closet London Dress

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 31.12.2021

New Year's Eve Outfit!

See Haney Dress

🇩🇪 BERLIN I 29.12.2021

Thank you Codressing for giving me the chance to wear this beautiful outfit!

See Michael Kors Blazer

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 28.12.2021

See Sandro Set

🇫🇷 STRASBOURG l 19.12.2021

Eco-friendly but also a good alternative to save money by renting instead of buying!

See Michael Kors Blazer

🇫🇷 PARIS l 13.09.2021

Thank you for these gorgeous dresses! We got a lot of attention, but thankfully we didn't steal the spotlight from the bride.

See Les Rêveries Dress

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 05.09.2021

See Gül Hürgel Dress

🇫🇷 NANTES l 05.09.2021

After wearing it for a full day, my shoulders hurt a bit because the dress is quite heavy, but honestly, it fits very well. It is so pretty, and I've received a lot of compliments. Thanks for everything!

See Keepsake Dress

🇫🇷 BOURNEZEAU I 05.09.2021

🇮🇹 ROME l 26.08.2021

See Dior Sunglasses

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 15.06.2021

Perfect for a photoshoot!

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 01.06.2021

🇩🇪 BERLIN l 20.05.2021

I bought this dress for a wedding in Poland. It was perfect!

🇬🇧 MANCHESTER l 27.01.2021

I loved using codressing to find the perfect attire for my brother's graduation ceremony. The rental option was great since I could wear a beautiful dress without spending a lot of money on something I would probably have worn only once!

See Swing Dress

🇫🇷 NANTES l 27.01.2021

I am very satisfied with codressing's online rental service which is very convenient for occasions like weddings or other important celebrations. I highly recommend it!

See TFNC Dress