What is included in a Membership?

With a Membership, get up to 5 designer clothes or accessories at once for a flat monthly fee.

  • Accessories plan: 19€/month for two accessories
  • Classic plan: 69€/month for 3 items
  • Couture plan: 99€/month for 5 items at once

Dry cleaning included! Only shoes are not eligible for our membership plans.

Possibility to swap once ever 30 days or to buy anytime! Longer you keep the items, cheaper it is to buy them!

When does my subscription start and how long can I keep the items ?

You can keep the items 30 days...

  • From the day you picked them up at our store in Berlin or Loireauxence
  • From the day they arrived at your pick up point or at home.

At the end of the month, you can:

  • Keep them longer
  • Swap
  • Buy
  • Return them and stop your membership.
When can I swap ?

You can swap your items once every 30 days.

When you’re ready to rent something new, add your membership plan in your basket, write in the notes the items you would like to swap and confirm the payment.

Why can't I rent some items ?
  • Each membership has a limited value. You cannot rent an item if its price is superior to the limit of the membership you choose.
  • The items from "La conciergerie" are not eligible to the membership system.
When can I stop my membership ?

If you subscribed at our store, your membership will automatically ends at the end of the month.

For online orders, check your customer account to manage your membership. You will also receive a reminder by email 24h before the next payment. You will be able to swap, pause or cancel.

Can I buy the item after renting it ?

Yes ! You will just have to pay the retail price minus the membership price.

What happens if I damage an item ?

Don't worry, normal wear and tear is not a problem, as our service takes care of minor issues free of charge. In the case of significant damages or if an item has been stolen, as we work with a deposit system, we might retain the item's value partially or entirely.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my membership ?

You can change your membership each month by buying the new one online or at our shop.