What is La Conciergerie ?

Conciergerie is the French word for concierge service. This premium service at Codressing allows you to give up space in your closet by renting out your items without stress of organization. You will enjoy the advantages of earning money, and give a new life to your garments.

How can I become part of La Conciergerie ?

You can simply send us a request on our website, wait for our approval and ship us (or drop off) your fashion items. To do so, click on "RENT OUT" and fill in our "GET A QUOTE" form. Don't forget to upload pictures.

How long does it take to examine my request ?

Codressing may take up to 72 hours to examine your request. We will check the type of item, its material, its condition and its brand. If we accept your items, we will determine and communicate with you an estimate of renting price per day and selling price.

How do you take care of my items ?

Alterations, dry-cleaning, we take care of your items like they were ours!

Can I get my items back ?

Sure, you can! Your items still belong to you. You just need to send us a request at or come to our shop directly. If you are not in Berlin, we will ship it back to you as soon as possible. Please note that, if an item is currently rented by one of our members, you will have to wait until the rental is over.

Does Codressing take a commission/service fee ?

As taking care of your items for you has a cost, codressing asks for 55% of the rental or purchase value. Please be mindful we take care of relabeling your items, and we cover the dry cleaning and shipping costs.

How will I get my revenues ?

As soon as you earn revenues, you will either have them transferred to your bank account or you can choose to reinvest in Codressing coupons with a higher value (+10%).

What happens if one of my items get damaged or stolen ?

If something happens while they are rented out, you will be refunded of the item's value you indicated. Please note that normal wear and tear due to the item's proper use will not be considered as damage.

Where can I drop my conciergerie garments ?

You can either ship or drop your items to both our stores in Berlin, Germany and in Angers, France.

Why has my request been rejected ?

At Codressing, we strive for a unique closet with statement pieces from many designers and brands. Quality is the basis of every decision we make when analysing an item. We reserve the rights to decide which items we are willing to take care of, and whether they meet our style. Damaged items or brand that do not meet our quality standards will not be approved.

How long does it take for a piece to get rented or sold ?

Our shared closet has something for everyone's fashion taste. Surely some items are a real success and rent out 3/4 times monthly, yet we are not responsible for items that may take longer to get rented out or sold.

What happens if I send more pieces than I registered ?

Please make sure to send the exact number of pieces you registered at the conciergerie. If we receive more than expected and/or they are not conform to their descriptions, we will send them back and charge the shipping cost or you can pick them up. If you fail to communicate a solution, we will donate your items.

How long do you keep my items for?

We are happy to keep your items for a minimum of:

  • 3 months for all garments and accessories
  • 10 months for wedding dresses
Do you accept counterfeits pieces ?

Absolutely not ! We authentificate all our conciergerie items and we will reject any counterfeit requests.

My request has been approved, what happens now ?

You will receive a shipping label by email to send your items to us. If you decided to bring them personally to our dressing-apartment in Berlin, just come during our opening time. After creating an ad, we will inform you each time one of your items is rented, but you will also be able to check the status of each item in your profile.

What happens if I drop off some dirty items with no washing instructions?

Normally, we do not accept dirty pieces.

In the case that we accept them and must wash them without washing instructions, we do not take responsibility if the items get altered or damaged.